Pen of the Damned


Pen of the Damned  is a group of writers who take turns writing a piece of angst and horror themed fiction each week. Be sure to tune in every Tuesday for the latest posts!

“Phantom Pain” – March, 2014

“Paratrooper” – June, 2014

“Sinus Infection” – August, 2014

“Sightseers” – November, 2014

“Lake Lurkers” – January, 2015

“Annual Hunt” – April, 2015

“Helplessly Above It All” – June, 2015

“Son of Fenrir” – July, 2015

“In the Clearing” – September, 2015

“4:09” – November, 2015

“Are You Okay?” – February, 2016

“Compromised” – April 2016

“A Quick Breather” – July 2016

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