“Forgotten Flight” – A Little Background

(I meant to get this up last week when the story went live on Amazon and Smashwords but was unable to).

Since I began writing seriously back in 2012 I knew that I wanted to do a horror story set during the early days of manned space exploration. After all, I’m a huge nerd when it comes to the Space Race during the 1950’s and 1960’s.

There were many false starts as I wasn’t happy with how I was presenting the story and struggled to figure out the best way. The lightbulb finally went off in my head when I was watching The Blair Witch Project on cable and realized that the story would best be presented as ‘found footage’. So I sat down and hammered out the details of the story.

I watched Apollo 18 a little later and enjoyed it, mainly because of my interest in manned spaceflight but it also made me realize that I didn’t want to do a NASA cover-up story. Instead, I wrote it as a quasi-alternate history tale.

For it to be effective, I knew that I had to get it as close to feeling and sounding ‘official’ as possible. For that, I read the mission report and transcripts of John Glenn’s first orbital flight. That was a big influence on my story but it also presented another problem.

John Glenn’s flight was three orbits and each orbit had dozens of pages of communication. I didn’t want to bore the reader or slow down the pace of the story with too much pointless communication with NASA lingo between the astronaut and mission control. It took me a few weeks to solve the problem but in the end it was a simple fix.

My transcripts would be based on recently discovered audio reels with some of the reels missing and those that were found would have some inaudible parts.

Once it was written though, I didn’t do much with it. There were some rewrites and alterations and while I had thought about sending it in to publishers, I never got around to it. It was one I wasn’t ready to let go of quite yet.

After a while, I began playing around with the idea to test the waters of self-publishing. I knew right away that “Forgotten Flight” would be my guinea pig. The closer I moved to self-publishing, the more doubt would creep in and gnaw in my head. I had some questions about it that needed answering and one of my brothers from Pen of the Damned came to the rescue.

Blaze McRob was amazing and kind enough to answer any and all of my questions while doing so in a speedy fashion. I made some changes based on his input and overall felt more confident moving forward with his advice. Thanks again, Blaze!

Once I got over those hurdles, Ian MacDougall provided the cover and up it went on Amazon and Smashwords. The links are listed below.

Thanks for reading!





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On top of working full time as a Security Checkpoint Coordinator at the Halifax Robert L. Stanfield International Airport and still learning the ropes of being a father, Jon is also a writer of horror and dark fiction. While he writes predominantly about the dark and horrible, he will step out into other areas if the interest is there. Jon is a proud member of Pen of the Damned and is also a member of the Horror Writer’s Association (Affiliate level). View all posts by jonolsonauthor

2 responses to ““Forgotten Flight” – A Little Background

  • Hunter Shea

    It’s loaded up on my Kindle. Diving into it this week. I grew up a space nerd, too. What do you think of the news of water on Mars?

    • jonolsonauthor

      Thanks, Hunter! I’m excited by the news! It’s crazy to think that despite all of the probes, landers and rovers, we’ve barely scratched the surface to fully understanding what’s happening with the Red Planet. Hopefully there’ll be a manned Mars mission in our lifetime!

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