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“Dead/Con” cover

Hello all!

This will just be short one. I finished the painting for the cover of my upcoming story “Dead/Con”. I haven’t added the title or anything of that stuff to it yet but the painting is finished. I’m pleased with the way it turned out. A little cartoonish but at the same time I feel it captures what I want the cover to convey. Anyways, here it is.


Indie Publishing So Far

Morning all!

I’m still new to the indie publishing scene and all that goes along with it, but I’ve really been enjoying it so far. What I’m really enjoying, although at times it can be a tad stressful, is the fact that I’m responsible for everything. I’m sure that at times it’s probably not in my best interest to do everything myself, but it’s a learning process. It also helps to satisfy all of the creative activities that I enjoy doing. 

Drawing/Painting – I make my own covers (for now) and also draw some images to help keep me interested in the story.

Filmmaking – I make my own trailers (again, for now) and while they may not be the most professional looking at this stage, I am in control of what is shown and how it is laid out.

Music – I’ve been playing music since I was 6 (so 22 years) and aside from my side project called Silverback Sasquatch, writing and recording music for my trailers helps to satisfy my musical urges. 

As I said, for now I’m involved with all of those aspects but in time I would like to hand over the reigns to some others. Once (If) I can get myself established as an indie writer, my goal is to get other indie artists involved. Get a local band to write the music for the trailer while an indie filmmaker can make the trailer. In theory it would help promote them as well as myself. That’s the idea anyways.

Well, time to go finish off a story and start a new one!

Dentist visit

I went to the dentist today and it was a horrible experience. The check up itself went well. They took some x-rays and addressed some issues that I had been having, all of which came back positive. The dentist then said that he had to check gum strength or something which involved sliding a thin instrument down my tooth into the gum line. There was some discomfort, as he told me there would be. He started on the outside of my upper set and proceeded to check the inside. Along the way I started to feel a little funny. My arms started to feel somewhat cold but in an unnatural way. I then noticed that my breathing had started to become faster. I tried thinking of things not related to the dentist but to no avail. After he finished checking the upper teeth he asked me how I was doing and I said that I was sweating. That was an understatement. My shirt was completely soaked and the sweat was running down my face like I had been sitting inside of a sauna. They asked me if I wanted some water and I said yes. He tilted the chair to its normal position so I could drink and that’s when I started seeing stars. The colour drained from my face and I thought I was going to drop to the floor. Luckily he put the chair back down “to get some colour back in my face”. It took some time, maybe 10 minutes or so until I started to feel better. The rest of the check up and routine cleaning was rescheduled for another day. I had had my first anxiety attack in years and the first of this kind of severity. Not fun. I’m glad I remember the majority of the details as I’m sure I’ll be able to use it in a story or novel sometime down the road.

Take care everyone and thanks for reading!




Whenever I sit down to begin an endeavour whether it’s a story, painting, short film or whatever, lots of things go through my mind. Ultimately whenever I do something I do it for myself but depending on the task that I am doing there are certain people who I keep in mind. My influences. I’m just going to take a few lines and write down who has influenced me in different aspects of my life.

Writing: Stephen King – basically by making something horribly unreal seem real.

Painting/Drawing: HR Giger – his drawings are just out there. Magnificent. 

Filmmaking: Peter Jackson – his movies scream of someone who loves what he does.

Stanley Kubrick – master of cinema.

Musically: Les Claypool – amazing bass player who doesn’t try to sound like anyone else.

Kurt Cobain – making something so simple into something extraordinary. 

Those people have somehow struck a chord in me at some point during my life. There are also some people I need to mention who have influenced my life in general:

Shannon – my best friend and soon-to-be wife.

Mom and Dad – instilling the beliefs and work ethics in me at a young age.

Leo McKay Jr – for being yourself and doing what you do.

Anyways, I’ve been thinking about influences a lot lately and I thought I would put them down on my blog. Take care everyone and have a great night!

Good morning!I…

Good morning!

I’m outside on my front step as I write this and for some reason there are ants crawling on me. Oh well. Have you ever looked back and become amazed at how you got to this point? If you were to tell me eight months ago that I’d have three short stories independently published (and actually read by people) I would probably tell you to go pound sand. Eight months ago I had no use for Twitter or a blog. I used to keep the fact that I wrote stories secret except to those who were closest to me. I think I was a little scared to let people into that part of my life. It was and still is my escape from the stupid bullshit that one deals with, especially on the work front (my coworkers will know exactly what I mean). It was something that I was worried would become tainted if I let the general public into that realm.

Slowly but surely as I wrote more and more, I started to play with the idea of submitting stories and actually trying to become a published author. I’ve always had the support of my (soon-to-be) wife but one person that I owe a lot to is one of my coworkers and fellow author, Robert Dunbar. Rob read some of my work and gave me honest criticism. He encouraged me to keep at it. As a result of Rob’s positive comments and encouragement, I started to let the cat out of the bag that I write. I am glad I listened to him. The support I’ve received from friends and coworkers has been tremendous.If it wasn’t for Rob’s initial support, I would still be writing, but I wouldn’t be this active with it. I wouldn’t have gotten hooked on Twitter let alone writing this blog. So Robert, thanks again buddy. 

Have a great day everyone!

First blog post

Good morning/afternoon all,

This is my first blog post. I’m still learning the ropes as to what to actually write on here. The plan at this point is to mainly keep you guys informed of whatever projects I have on the go, interview some local writers/artists/filmmakers, etc. and if something bizarre is happening in the world then comment on that. Who knows, that may change as I go along and become more familiar with blogging.

Anyways, stay tuned and thanks for following!

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