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Armand Rosamilia shares a Guest Post by Tina Shelton

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Guest Post: War of the Worlds

Political posts on Facebook are enough to make you grit your teeth, aren’t they?  There is always the chance that once stated, the genie is out of the bottle and a flame war is on. I try to avoid the trap of stating my political beliefs. It’s a self-defense mechanism honed from growing up liberal in a conservative area. Every political post has potential for great discourse, but let’s face it. It’s probably going to devolve into name calling.

And I realize – there’s two kinds of people, and they don’t fall along political lines. They fall along the lines of a fixed mindset, vs a growth mindset. Fixed mindset people are raised to believe that they only get so much to start with, and they can’t change after they’ve reached a certain point. They think that’s all the intelligence they’ll ever get. They get what they’re…

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Guest Post: Ginger Voight


Armand Rosamilia shares a guest post by Ginger Voight

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By all appearances, Coralie Cabot seems to have it all. Pedigree? Check. Money? Check. The right boyfriend, a ‘nice’ guy hand-picked by her father? Check. 
Everything is going along according to plan. 
There’s only one problem. 
It’s not her plan.
Coralie’s safe, predictable life has all but been decided for her, and that leaves her itching to take a walk on the wild side. 
Enter Devlin Masters, an elite male escort whose sole purpose is giving Coralie whatever her heart desires. As though he knows her down to her core, Devlin says and does all the right things—far better than her so-called Mr. Right back home. 
Hello, Mr. Wrong!
For a price, she can sow her wilder oats with this sexy ‘bad boy,’ no strings attached. 
Pretty soon the question isn’t, “Should a good girl have sex…

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There’s A Bad Moon Rising – Glenn Rolfe’s Blood and Rain Terrifies!


Hunter Shea shares a guest post by Glenn Rolfe

Originally posted on Hunter Shea:

I had the distinct pleasure of getting an early crack at my Samhain brother’s werewolf novel, Blood and Rain. Like a hungry wolf on the prowl under a full moon, I devoured it. Glenn Rolfe has created a real popcorn creature feature with a badass of a werewolf. It’s the perfect read for the Halloween season.

Today, I’m happy to turn the controls over to that mohawked dude in Main, Glenn Rolfe. Take it away…

“An unoriginal original? Oh, hell…let’s just keep it real.”

When I started writing Blood and Rain, I’d seen plenty of werewolf movies, but had read only two novels. Stephen King’s Cycle of the Werewolf and Ray Garton’s Ravenous (both excellent pieces). When I decided that the story I was toying with on my computer was going to be my first attempt at a novel, a werewolf novel, I purposely stayed away from any and…

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This week from Pen of the Damned comes FOREVER by Christopher A. Liccardi

Originally posted on Pen of the Damned:

As Mathew entered the storefront, he hung its key from the tooth of a snarling dog. The statue of the hound had been on that table since his childhood and time had seen fit to leave it. His hate for the place flared in each muscle the second he entered the building, but it was a strangely enticing feeling. The old room looked deliberately ramshackle, intended to add to the mystique, no doubt. ‘Shabby chic’ people called it; rundown he called it, but it was his business now.

He knew his father had been into some really terrible things, but he never stuck around long enough to take part in the ‘family business’. He’d left home at eighteen and never looked back. He’d tried to forget all of it and had managed to succeed until a letter arrived by courier last month; it was addressed to the proprietor of

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“Forgotten Flight” – A Little Background

(I meant to get this up last week when the story went live on Amazon and Smashwords but was unable to).

Since I began writing seriously back in 2012 I knew that I wanted to do a horror story set during the early days of manned space exploration. After all, I’m a huge nerd when it comes to the Space Race during the 1950’s and 1960’s.

There were many false starts as I wasn’t happy with how I was presenting the story and struggled to figure out the best way. The lightbulb finally went off in my head when I was watching The Blair Witch Project on cable and realized that the story would best be presented as ‘found footage’. So I sat down and hammered out the details of the story.

I watched Apollo 18 a little later and enjoyed it, mainly because of my interest in manned spaceflight but it also made me realize that I didn’t want to do a NASA cover-up story. Instead, I wrote it as a quasi-alternate history tale.

For it to be effective, I knew that I had to get it as close to feeling and sounding ‘official’ as possible. For that, I read the mission report and transcripts of John Glenn’s first orbital flight. That was a big influence on my story but it also presented another problem.

John Glenn’s flight was three orbits and each orbit had dozens of pages of communication. I didn’t want to bore the reader or slow down the pace of the story with too much pointless communication with NASA lingo between the astronaut and mission control. It took me a few weeks to solve the problem but in the end it was a simple fix.

My transcripts would be based on recently discovered audio reels with some of the reels missing and those that were found would have some inaudible parts.

Once it was written though, I didn’t do much with it. There were some rewrites and alterations and while I had thought about sending it in to publishers, I never got around to it. It was one I wasn’t ready to let go of quite yet.

After a while, I began playing around with the idea to test the waters of self-publishing. I knew right away that “Forgotten Flight” would be my guinea pig. The closer I moved to self-publishing, the more doubt would creep in and gnaw in my head. I had some questions about it that needed answering and one of my brothers from Pen of the Damned came to the rescue.

Blaze McRob was amazing and kind enough to answer any and all of my questions while doing so in a speedy fashion. I made some changes based on his input and overall felt more confident moving forward with his advice. Thanks again, Blaze!

Once I got over those hurdles, Ian MacDougall provided the cover and up it went on Amazon and Smashwords. The links are listed below.

Thanks for reading!


This Year In Writing


Thomas Brown and This Year in Writing

Originally posted on THOMAS BROWN:

“If something burns your soul with passion and desire, it’s your duty to be reduced to ashes by it. Any other form of existence will be yet another dull book in the library of life.” Charles Bukowski

A year can be defined by many things: days, weeks, months, lifestyle changes, and zodiac animals. To the Chinese, 2015 is the year of the Goat; a time of peacefulness and reconciliation. I’m not sure whether current affairs are quite supportive of this idea, but it’s a nice one.

For me, 2015 has been a year of writing. Writing has been a huge part of my life for over ten years now. (Fourteen, to be precise. I still have that first short story, in a drawer under my bed.) In this time writing has meant a number of different things to me: hobby, therapy, university module, publishing venture, friend in the dark. It…

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Let The #Halloween Season Begin!


Hunter Shea lets the Halloween Season Begin

Originally posted on Hunter Shea:

Ah, October, or #Horrortober to me. 31 days of ghouls and ghosts, tricks or treats, pumpkin ale and comfort food. What’s not to like? I’m going to kick things off in grand style today, so be sure to read this here post from top to bottom. Lots o’ treats (aka giveaways for your trick or treat bags) for everyone.

This year, the Monster Men released our Halloween special a little early so you can gather great movies to watch and books to read. We also try a new pumpkin ale that you might want to stock in your fridge.

If you’re looking for more terrifying books, check out my 2015 Horrortober Reading List.There are some great reads on there by authors like Nick Cutter, Brian Moreland, Catherine Cavendish and more.

Hallowpalooza2015_EnterI’ve got a treat for you. I’m one of the sponsors of the Night Owl Reviews HALLOWPALOOZA Scavenger…

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